Sunday, November 8, 2009

Earthworm serve a solution

Most every woman abhorent about earthworm. Phobia about earthworm? Yes, there is some. This hermaphrodite animal looks so wet,move slowly but sometimes faster too if they feel disturbed. This animal like to live in rich soil. Earthworm as we find in our garden can help my friend to eliminate her typhoid fever. I don't know how she decided to use this traditional 'recipe' but all I know is that she is become healthy again.
Have you ever hear things like this? OK, but not only my friend did use this 'recipe' but many people did.
Perhaps it needs a research about this.
How to use this earthworm material is so easy. First, you must catch earthworm. Then don't forget to wash with clean water. Next you boil them with small amount of water (1-2 glasses). Wait until it boil about 5 minutes. Then drink.
In other uses is to fried that earthworms without any oil until it dry. Then take 2-3 spoonful of fried earthworm, pour with hot water. Then drink after it begin warm.
As we know that typhoid fever is a disease that caused by salmonella typhosa. It is a germ that carried in food and drink that contaminated by escherria coli, germ that used to be in feces materials. So, it is useful to always clean your hands before eat, before cooking and after defecation. Because of this, typhoid fever called as fecal-oral disease, too. If someone got typhoid fever, he will get fever with specific period. Used to be normal in the morning an day but star fever in the evening or night.
Many traditional people use earthworm to eliminate typhoid fever, some are sold in dry material.About using earthworm to eliminate typhoid fever, I thing there must be some research to explore this.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

how to alleviate cough with nature

There are many recipes from our ancestor face almost all health disruption. From head to toe, from newborn to old. Today I will write about one recipe to alleviate cough. I don't call it as a therapy, but I am sure this recipe will help to alleviate cough safely.
Here is the recipe:
1. one starfuit
3. a half glass of lemon juice
4. two spoons of honey

Ok,let's make . First we need to peel starfruit (remember only the edge). Then wash it. Next step is to cut starfuit. Take it to liquidiser, add with garlic. After all mix well then add lemon juice, finally add honey and still it gently. Pout to glass and ...viola!You ready to drink and sart feel better for yout throat.

Friday, September 25, 2009

gurah hidung

My friend Santi, diagnosed that she got cronic paranasal sinusitis. She followed all medical examination and prepare for therapy. She was prepared for surgery. After almost 2 weeks stay in bed she found herself unsure and begun to worry about the operation. There, founded that she had some other disease. I don't know why then she stop before the doctor do anything to her paranasal sinusitis.
Days after she out from that hospital she told me that she use traditional medicare: gurah hidung!! I don't know what to say but she feel better now.
She told me how it work:
She laid up/ spawling on the bed then a man fill a liquid through her nostril.on and on. After minutes, she asked to laying onto her stomach. Then liquid out bring mucous out from her sinus. Almost all, until her eyes blurred.
Oh, I just can't imagine how it feel because the liquid that poured into her nostril content of red pepper, white pepper,honey and some herbal akstract. WoW!
Now my friend Santi get her clear vision again and feel better in her sinus.
What do you think?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

do indigenous midwives increase maternal mortality rate?

It's well known that maternal mortality rate is a very-very hard to minimize. There are so many thing can cause maternal mortality rate. anemia that cause bleeding, infections, ecclamsia, hunger,..and all things around.
As the traditional medicare, indigenous midwives has got their training and kit so they can work better than as if without training. But it happen years ago. Now, Indonesia has bidan as if we can asump they will work better because they got the formal studies. It is hopeful that bidan will substitute indigenous midwives's place to help woman in labour.
But, until now there's some mother in their pregnancy still choose indigenous midwives to help them in labour. familiar, close, cheap, culture are between the reasons why.
Now, the amount of labour helped by indigenous midwives is decrease, amount of labour helped by bidan is increase. But why maternal mortality rate still high?
From my thesis titled: "Traditional Medicare Indigenous Midwives: Regulation and Society Need Related with Maternal Mortality Rate in Grobogan Sub-Province" shows that Indigenous midwives work not increase mortality rate. From data I've got, there are big amount of labour helped by bidan doesn't mean mortality rate decrease.
So, is a big-big homework for us. include you and me to solve this problems.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

my indigenous midwives became angry

Few years ago, indigenous midwives seem so needed. Perhaps because there was not enough doctor or health functionary to help women in labour. course, certified, kit were given. periodically they were same refreshement about the course. Indigenous midwives - as usually called 'dukun beranak'- were partner of Indonesian women in labour.and partner for health department,too right? But it was years ago. Now we have many midwives we call as 'bidan'. But how about dukun beranak now? How about certificate and how about the kit?
In my region Grobogan, there is a statement that labour should take minimally by bidan. For the safe of mother in labour I DO agree with this statement. If we could, better if all labour should take by an obstetrician specialist doctor. I am agree and will more thankful if our maternal mortality rate get to zero.
I only see the fact. About indigenous midwives we have. Thing about their family, think about their relationship with bidan in village.I found a midwife was angry and said will never stop untill she died she would help women in labour.She had a bad relationship with bidan in her village.
All I know is every one need to be respected.include dukun beranak. To stop her helping women in labour need an art of communication.
I think we can still using dukun beranak in health promotion or make any deal wiyh them to help bidan in job by bathing baby or woman after labour, baby massage and other work that she can take as far as only to assist bidan and helping bidan to prepare bidan kit. Agree with me?

Friday, April 17, 2009

helping from nature

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

still looking for nature?

Yes! Back to nature. people came along to find out the way to be better. Even in health care. Start from nature, go to modern, using chemistry, sophisticated tools,...then finally still by using sophisticated tools but back again to nature. That's why we must keep this world green and safe.